ArrowMaker - a plugin for cinema 4d

'ArrowMaker' is a free plugin for Cinema 4D. What it does is generate an arrow shape in the form of a spline primitive. The shape itself can be extensively customised to produce a variety of different arrows, then used (for example) in an Extrude or Sweep NURBS to generate a mesh. Some examples are shown below.

latest release

September 12th 2010

Updated for compatiblity with Cinema 4D R12. No additional functionality added.

previous releases

April 28th 2010

Version 1.2 released. Changes include:

There are various parameters you can set:

ArrowMaker parameters

These will all affect the shape of the arrow.

Workflow enhancements:

Automation tab

System requirements:


This plugin is, and will remain, free for personal and commercial use. If you use ArrowMaker, and would like to support its future development, please consider making a donation, which you can do using Paypal - see the donate button below. All donations will be gratefully received and will encourage me to go on developing this and other free plugins for Cinema 4D!


Please make sure that you download the correct file. If you are using Cinema 4D R10 or R10.5, download; if you are using Cinema R11 or R11.5, download If you are using C4D R12 or later, you must download the file Version for earlier releases of C4D will not work in R12. A manual in .PDF format is included in all the archives.

Download Download ArrowMaker 1.2 for R10 or R10.5 (435K. .zip file)

Download Download ArrowMaker 1.2 for R11 or R11.5 (665K, .zip file)

Download file Download ArrowMaker 1.2 for R12/R13/R14 (583K, .zip file)


ArrowMaker examples