free models for c4d

These are free models for C4D users. They are no use to anyone who does not possess C4D, so if you aren't a C4D user, please don't waste your time downloading these objects.

conditions of use

All the items shown on this page are free for personal or commercial use. The only condition is that if used commercially, it would be very nice if you could acknowledge me as the source in any accompanying documentation. But I don't insist on it!

I intend to add to these downloads substantially, so please keep coming back to see if anything else has been added.

Swiss Army knife

This is the model of a Swiss Army knife that can be seen in my gallery. The original model was rendered in Vray so for maximum compatibility this version is untextured. C4D R12 or later required.

Download the modelDownload the model (.zip format, 316K)

Hoplite weapons

Weapons and armour for a Greek hoplite, complete with basic textures.
*** Note: download is in C4D R12 format only ***

Download the hoplite weapons Download the hoplite weapons (.zip format, 1.3Mb)

Cavalry sword (C4D format)

A pattern 1788 British heavy cavalry officer's sword. Provided in two formats, for Vray for C4D 1.2 (recommended), or if you don't have Vray, for C4D core (basic materials only).

Download Download the sword in C4D format (.zip format, 10Mb)

Cavalry sword (OBJ format)

A pattern 1788 British heavy cavalry officer's sword. Provided in .OBJ file format for users who don't have C4D (note: high poly model and limited materials, but required bitmaps are included).

Download the sword (.OBJ format) Download the sword in .OBJ format (.zip file, 11Mb)

Box camera

An old-fasioned box camera (untextured).

Download Download the box camera (.zip file, 77K)

Notebook and pen

A wire-bound notebook and accompanying pen. This is an older model I used in an image in my gallery. Textures included.

Download Download the notebook and pen (.zip file, 47K)

Download lava lamp

A 1960s-style lava lamp, modelled on the one in front of me on my desk. Textures included.

Download Download the lava lamp (.zip file, 2.3Mb)

Download twigs

Four small twigs, used for scattering over the ground to male a scene more detailed. Each twig can easily be adjusted to different shapes by playing with the splines inside the sweep NURBS. The texture includes the displacement channel for better effect.

Download Download the twigs (.zip file, 37K)

Download cigarette pack

A cigarette pack in two versions: either clean and new, or old, crumpled and dirty.

Download Download the cigarette pack (.zip file, 697K)

Download beer cans

Three empty beer cans - one undented, one slightly dented, and one very dented and partly crushed. Comes with beer can texture (not of any particular beer brand as far as I know).

Download Download the beer cans (.zip file, 486K)

Wine glass

A model of a wine glass plus pink wine (which can be changed).

Download Download the wine glass (.zip file, 175K)

Download cigarette ends

Three slightly different cigarette butts. Textures are procedural.

Download Download the cigarette ends (.zip file, 74K)

Wine bottle

A model of a wine bottle. The label can be made dirty and torn, or pristine.

Download Download the wine bottle (.zip file, 1.86Mb)

USB module

A model of a USB memory module.

Download Download the model (.zip file, 80K)

A lounger. Textured with simple procedural textures.

Download Download the lounger (.zip file, 809K)

A rather beat-up, going rusty, old oil drum for Cinema 4D. Uses the default aluminium-shiny texture plus a custom texture for the drum itself.

Download Download the drum (.zip file, 64K)

A simple bird table. Not textured.

Download Download the bird table (.zip file, 21K)

A modern office desk. Not textured.

Download Download the desk (.zip file, 6K)