Mirror, Mirror - a plugin for cinema 4d

Mirror, Mirror now available as a free download

This plugin is now several years old and the number of sales no longer justifies the time taken to support it. Therefore I have recompiled it for C4D R14 and later versions, and made it available as a free download.

If you are an existing user of the commercial version, and need a new serial number for C4D R16, please download the latest version, which no longer requires a serial number.

System requirements

Mirror, Mirror requires:

What it does

Mirror, Mirror interface

The problem is one which crops up quite frequently. You have an object, or perhaps a whole hierarchy of objects, and you would like to reflect them over an axis. In other words, to make the object(s) mirror images of themselves. You might also want to duplicate the object before mirroring it.

However, you can't always do this easily. Cinema has the Symmetry object and the Mirror tool - but there are disadvantages with both. Mirroring a series of objects manually is always possible but can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. Mirror, Mirror is intended as a one-click solution to this problem.

Rather than going into detail here about what the plugin can do, I strongly encourage you to read the plugin help file (in PDF format) which also explains some of the limitations in the plugin. Also, there are two short videos which show how it works, and you can download a demo of the plugin. The demo version is fully functional, but will only work for 30 days after first use.

Current version

The current version of the plugin for Cinema 4D R14 and later versions is 1.1.0, dated August 10th 2014.

Download Download the help file (1.1 Mb, PDF format). Note: this file is also included in the zip file below.

Download the plugin (1.39Mb, zip format).

Video 1: basics

Video 2: options and caveats