Nudge-It - a plugin for cinema 4d

April 16th 2011: Nudge-It updated to version 1.13!

This new version is identical to the initial release version, except that it now supports Cinema 4D's automatic keyframing. This functions in exactly the same way as when the Move, Rotate, etc. tools are used on an object, and it also keyframes point-level animation (for point movements only at present).


This is a very simple plugin to move, rotate, or scale an object by a small incremental amount when a button is clicked.

The reason for this plugin is straightforward. When creating a scene you often need to move an object to a precise position. Sometimes you need to move it, then rotate it, then go back to adjusting the position again, and so on until it’s right. You may find that you want to move the object (or rotate it, or even scale it) by such a small amount that you can’t drag it accurately with the mouse, so you resort to typing numbers into the coordinates manager, hoping that eventually you’ll hit on the right ones by trial and error.

What’s needed to avoid this tedious process is a means to nudge an object by a small amount repeatedly until it’s in the right place. Unfortunately Cinema doesn’t provide any way to do this. Although you can click the arrow controls or use the mouse scrollwheel in the coordinates manager, this only moves the object by one unit (i.e. 1 cm, 1 inch, or whatever units you use). This is no use if you want to move it several times by, say, 0.01 units until it fits into the correct location.

Nudge-It was written to overcome this problem. It doesn’t do anything fancy, and it only works with objects, not with points, or polygons. But it does work with any object, making it very easy to nudge a scene component into position.



This is the simple dialog box which appears when you call Nudge-It from the plugins menu. The options and controls are explained in the PDF manual included in the archive. It can also be docked in the Cinema GUI, and then takes up no excess screen space:

Nudge-It docked

system requirements


This plugin is, and will remain, free for personal and commercial use. If you use Nudge-It, and would like to support its future development, please consider making a donation, which you can do using Paypal - see the donate button below. All donations will be gratefully received and will encourage me to go on developing this and other free plugins for Cinema 4D!


Download the plugin from the links below. Please make sure that you download the correct version for your release of C4D.

Download Nudge-It for R10 Download Nudge-It for R10 (.zip file, 625K)

Download Nudge-It for R11 Download Nudge-It for R11 (.zip file, 853K)

Download Nudge-It for R11.5 Download Nudge-It for R11.5 (.zip file, 990K)

Download Nudge-It for R12 Download Nudge-It for R12/R13/R14 (.zip file, 911K)