Plugin Boss - a plugin manager for cinema 4d (*** new plugin version September 12th 2013 ***)


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Plugin Boss is a plugin to enable better management of Cinema 4D plugins.

If you’re like me, you have a lot of plugins which you’ve accumulated over the years. However, you probably don’t use all of them all the time. In fact, some of them you probably don’t use at all except for specific projects when you really need them. But you keep them all loaded, just in case you need them.

Ideally, we’d all like to be able to load and unload plugins as needed from within C4D itself, but the plugin architecture apparently makes that impossible. So if you want to ensure that Cinema will (or will not) load a particular plugin, you have to exit Cinema then either rename the plugin files so that Cinema will or will not recognise the plugin, or move the folder containing the plugin into or out of the plugins folder inside the C4D program folder. Either way, it’s time consuming and boring, so you probably don’t do it... which means that you have a lot of usually unneeded plugins loaded, or perhaps you never load the plugins you may have paid good money for.

Plugin Boss changes that. It can’t get around the problem of having to quit and restart Cinema but it does make the activation and deactivation of plugins easier.

Plugin Boss main dialog

current version

The current version of Plugin Boss is 2.01, released September 12th 2013 under the GNU General Public Licence.

Version 2.01 has been recompiled for compatibility with Cinema 4D R15. The original version 2.00 ran in R15 but did not recognise Python plugins with the extension "pypv". That is the only change in version 2.01.

system requirements

Download links are at the bottom of this page.

source code

Plugin Boss is released under the GNU General Public Licence, so includes full source code. If you want to recompile it, please make sure you download the correct version - the R12 version will not compile in R13/14/15 (though the changes are minor) and likewise the R13/14/15 version will not compile in R12.

There is no version for R11.5 or earlier releases of C4D provided here. However, it doesn't use anything new in the Maxon SDK so you should be able to recompile it for earlier releases of Cinema than R12 without much difficulty.

download links

To download Plugin Boss, please do so from the links below. Make sure you download the correct version for your release of C4D!

Download PIB R12 Plugin Boss v2.00 for Cinema 4D R12

Download PIB for R13 Plugin Boss v2.00 for Cinema 4D R13/R14/R15