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Please click the thumbnail for the full size image. In some cases, an even larger render is available - click on the main image when it appears to go to the larger render.

  • Doorway-mb
  • Doorway-closeup-mb
    Doorway - closeup of main door panel
  • Knife-final-1
    Another view of the knife model.
  • Knife-final-2
    'Swiss Army knife' (Created with Cinema 4D) 1024x768, 229K) This was the first-placed entry in a challenge to model a Swiss Army knife at C4D Cafe.
  • Cavalry Sword
    'Pattern 1788 British heavy cavalry officer's sword' (Created with Cinema 4D) 1024x768, 452K This was the winning image in a challenge on Renderosity. 'Bladed weapons'.
  • Shutters Blinds900x450
    'Interior with shutters and blinds' (Created with Cinema 4D) 900x450, 297K (Click here for larger version) This was inspired by a flier for a window blinds company I saw a while ago. I hope it conveys the airy, light feeling of the room in the original ad.
  • Exhibit 960x576
    'The Exhibit' (Created with Cinema 4D & ZBrush) 960x576, 348K (Click here for larger version) I wanted to model a skull in Cinema and sculpt/texture it in ZBrush. To show it, I came up with the idea of a museum with this slightly unusual exhibit.
  • Takeoff-1b-exp3
    'We have lift-off!' (Created with Adobe Ilustrator) 960x540, 326K This started out as an exercise in Illustrator, but after following several excellent tutorials on the web, I got this. All done in Illustrator with some minor postwork in Photoshop.
  • Cgs-rustedge
    'The rusted edge of technology' (Created with Cinema 4D) 1000x899, 493K (Click here for larger version) I think it's a shame when old technology is thrown out with the trash just because something new comes along. But that's progress, I guess.
  • Padlock
    'Should have bought a better padlock!' (Created with Cinema 4D) 1024x640, 360K (Click here for larger version) If you are going to keep something nasty in the cellar, do make sure it's kept locked up carefully!
  • Little Nellie-1024x672
    'Little Nellie' (Created with Cinema 4D) 1024x672, 193K This is the autogyro from the movie 'You Only Live Twice'. Not a fully accurate model due to the lack of decent blueprints on the net, but I'm reasonably happy with her.
  • Qb-final-1
    'The Queen's Balcony' (Created with Cinema 4D) 1024x819, 397K (Click here for larger version) For this one, I imagined an elderly monarch coming out to her balcony each morning to look over her realm.
  • Coffeegrnd-3
    Antique coffee grinder (Created with C4D) 1000x750, 315K (Click here for larger version) An entry for a speed modelling contest on Renderosity, I liked it enough to texture and light it.
  • Desktop fan
    'Desktop fan' (Created with Cinema 4D) 599x800, 274K (Click here for larger version) A model of the fan sitting on my desktop.
  • Hot-day-in-the-desert
    A hot day in the desert (Created with Vue Infinite) 1024x819, 579K