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Please click the thumbnail for the full size image. In some cases, an even larger render is available - click on the main image when it appears to go to the larger render.

  • Waiting-for-the-telephone
    Waiting by the telephone (Created with C4D) 800x600, 169 This is the cordless phone currently on my desk. Later I added the other models and turned it into an image. I love lazy, warm afternoons and that's the kind of mood I wanted to get across.
  • Newton-1-upload
    Monochrome chrome (Created with C4D) 1024x819, 127K Originally an exercise in reflection and lighting, but I liked the final result, so here it is. I left the raytraced hard shadows because they add to the unreal, over-precise sense of the whole thing.
  • Sby14-upload
    I'll stand by you (Created with Poser 6) 1000x800, 294K Inspired by the track of the same name by The Pretenders.
  • Ic-2-pw-resize
    Industrial city (Created with Vue 5 Infinite) 854x641, 272K Magazine 'ImagineFX' has a tutorial by Adam Benton (kromekat at rendo). I used this to depict an industrial city in the future - bleak, uniform and smogbound. I can't claim any credit for the technique, which is all Adam's.
  • Nybras-2
    Someone's in trouble now... (Created with Poser 6) 1024x768, 261K Nothing special, just a quick render of DAZ's new demon, 'Nybras'.
  • Tajmahal9 1-1024x768
    The Taj Mahal through the morning mist (Created with Vue 5 Infinite) 1024x768, 238K The Taj Mahal model is from DAZ but extended by me to include some of the outbuildings. Inspired by (but not copied from) a photo I saw recently.
  • Miki-1 1
    Miki (Created with Poser 6) 1280x1024, 445K (Click here for larger version) Just a quick render of e-frontier's model, "Miki". But it turned out quite nicely.
  • Plesio-13-1000x800
    Pterosaurs in a clear warm sea (Created with Vue 5 Infinite) 1000x800, 272K My first attempt at an underwater scene.
  • Perseus-final-1
    Perseus and Medusa (Created with Poser 6) 1000x800, 472K (Click here for larger version) At long last making use of the Gorgon's head I made earlier!
  • Usbmodule
    USB module (Created with Cinema 4D) 800x600, 116K A simple model of a USB memory module. The model is available for download on the downloads page.
  • Assassin-blade
    Assassin's blade (Created with Cinema 4D) 1024x819, 175K The words on the blade are, as I'm sure you'll recognise, from William Hope Hodgson's short story 'The Thing Invisible', though this image certainly does not show the 'waeful dagger' of the story!
  • Medusa-head
    Gorgon's head (Created with Poser 6) 800x550, 192K A WIP for Perseus and Medusa. Medusa was said to turn anyone who saw her face to stone, but this beauty only has a bit part in my image (the relevant bit being her head). So I thought she could do with a little more exposure.
  • Alien-2-post2
    Alien desert (Created with Vue 5 Infinite) 1024x768, 299K I wanted to see if I could have lots of mounds rather like termite hills but with hollow centres (kind of like those in the movie 'Pitch Black'). Added a few dead trees and it looked fairly interesting.
  • Pond-4-pw3 Forweb
    Woodland pond at noon (Created with Vue 5 Infinite) 800x600, 355K I went walking recently and came across a really attractive pond set in some quiet woodland. This is an attempt to produce the same efect if not the actual appearance :-)
  • Dun-paintin-final-1-2
    Dun Paintin' (Created with Cinema 4D) 800x640, 379K (Click here for a larger version) Trying to achieve the sense of the end of a warm, lazy afternoon and the artist retiring for a well-earned lie down!
  • Dawn-final-1
    Dawn (Created with Cinema 4D) 800x640, 307K Nothing to say, really. Image speaks for itself. The character is a Poser figure, of course.
  • Desert-mesas-1024x768
    Desert mesas (Created with Vue 5 Infinite) 1024x768, 450K Yes, it's the cliched stone arch from the Vue manual... but with a few terrains and an ecosystem added. It was dark and raining where I am when I did this, and it cheered me up a little!
  • Globeholder-2 1024x768
    Light Globe (Created with Vue 5 Infinte) 1024x768, 399K Just playing with light, transparancy, and shadows, and this was the result. Doesn't mean anything, just an interesting image :-)