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Please click the thumbnail for the full size image. In some cases, an even larger render is available - click on the main image when it appears to go to the larger render.

The images on this page are some of my early work... and I guess it shows! I've kept them in, anyway. With luck comparison with later images will demonstrate at least some improvement over time...

  • Baph-final-7
    Baphomet (Created with Poser and Photoshop) 1024x819, 360L This is the pagan deity Baphomet, said to have been worshipped by the Knights Templar. A basic Victoria 3 render in Poser, then very heavy postwork to get to this point.
  • MarsfromDeimos1024x768
    Mars as seen from Deimos (Created with Vue 5 Infinite) 1024x768, 630K This is a simple render using the superb images from (Full-size image is over 600K in size, in order to preserve all the detail of the texture map)
  • Evening-flight
    Evening flight (Created with Cinema 4D) 1024x819, 297K My entry into the Renderosity C4D 'Medieval airport' challenge. Didn't win, but I learnt a lot doing it.
  • Mouse Model
    Mouse (Created with Cinema 4D) 800x600, 120K My entry into the Renderosity C4D workshop, July 2004. A model of a simple mouse from a well-known corporation :-)
  • Lady-of-the-Forest
    Lady of the Forest (Created with Poser) 1024x768, 442K The first time I tried some compositing of a CG render and a photograph.
  • Girl-lounger
    GIRL on a lounger (Created using Poser and DAZ's model, the GIRL.) 800x640, 140K The lounger is a prop available from the downloads pages for both Poser and Cinema 4D.
  • What-have-we-here
    Well now. What have we got here? (Created with Poser) 1024x768, 262K Playing with DAZ's cartoon 'Staci' character.
  • Dragon Bride-2-1024x768
    The dragon's bride (Created with Poser) 1024x768, 357K My first real Poser render. I'm no more averse to doing nudes thany anyone else, and Poser seems so right for it!
  • Calm Before The Storm
    Calm before the storm (Created with Vue 4) 1024x768, 577K) Trying out some terrain maps this time, and got this image. Later versions of Vue could do this so much better!
  • Tranquil-lake
    Tranquil lake (Created with Vue 4) 1024x768, 327K An image from the English Lake District, inspired by a picture poscard.
  • The-waterhole
    The Waterhole (Created with Vue 4) 1024x768, 961K (note: large image) Really just experimenting with Vue's terrain editor, but I got this image which always makes me want to go for a swim!
  • Blades Of Night And Day
    Blades of Night and Day (Created with Cinema 4D) 1024x768, 237K Note the artefact on the shiny blade's hilt! A sign of inexperience, now rectified I hope...
  • Lost Temple
    The lost temple (Created with Vue 4) 800x600, 174K This was my entry for the Renderosity Vue contest of April 04.
  • Stones At Dawn 1024x768
    Standing stones at dawn (Created with Vue d'Esprit and Photoshop) 1024x768, 265K Inspired by a photograph of standing stones in a National Trust property in the UK.
  • Jungle-peak-800
    Jungle peak (Created with Vue 4) 800x600, 336K
  • Hunting-by-moonlight-1024x768
    Hunting by moonlight (Created using Photoshop and custom brushes from Ravenheart - available at Renderosity) 1024x768, 262K
  • Saturn Rising 800x600
    Saturn rising over Mimas (Created with Vue 4) 800x600, 386K Inspired by the novel 'The Sands of Mars' by Arthur C. Clarke.
  • Paranoia 1024x768
    Paranoia (or, Big Brother is watching you...) (Created with Bryce) 1024x768, 342K The very first CG image I ever made.