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Thanks for taking a look in my gallery. These images are in chronological order - the earliest at the bottom - and I've kept them all in, although some are a bit naive and (let's face it) not very good, because I still quite like them and hopefully they do show that I've developed somewhat over the years.

As you can see, I have used a variety of software over time. Like many others, I started with Bryce and moved on to Poser and Vue. More recently I have concentrated on Cinema 4D, but still use Vue and to a much lesser extent Poser; I only use this now as a means of getting a quick organic model into Cinema or Vue. But despite the criticism Poser receives, I believe that it still has an occasional role to play even for serious 3D artists (which label I wouldn't presume to add to my work!).

There are several pages of images here; if you happen to want to use one in your own work for some reason, please feel free to contact me and ask. I usually say yes!

Most recent images are on page 1, oldest on page 3.

latest image:

"Doorway Challenge"

This scene was created for a challenge at C4D Cafe, and took second place in the challenge. It was created in C4D R12 and rendered in Vray.

  • Doorway-mb
  • Doorway-closeup-mb
    Doorway - closeup of main door panel