poser resources

I don't use Poser much now, but there's no doubt that when a quick human or animal model is needed in a scene, there are some very good and inexpensive models for Poser which will do the job. I always render these in C4D using the superb Interposer Pro plugin. This page has some links to free downloads for Poser and to a small number of tutorials I wrote some time ago.


On the downloads page you can find several models for use in Poser. These were all modelled in Cinema 4D and are free for personal and commercial use. If you need them for Cinema itself, I am presently uploading the original Cinema models to the C4D models page, so you might want to wait for that rather than try to use a Poser model in Cinema.


I wrote several small tutorials for Poser that are now a little old, but still valid in most cases. Go to the tutorials page for these.