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I currently use Vue 8 Infinite, but that use is now almost completely restricted to producing backdrops for use in Cinema 4D or in postwork. I won't be updating my version of Vue any further because I have sadly concluded that the (lack of) stability of the software and the increasing expense required to keep up to date with new versions outweighs its undoubted ability to produce great images. However, I will keep these pages open for as long as anyone finds them of use. I have written a couple of tutorials and there may be other downloads as well - see below.


Please see the Vue tutorials page for the ones currently available.

'powder snow' material

Cornucopia 3D challenge winnerThis was my winning material for the Cornucopia 3D December 2005 challenge - a 'powder snow' material. You can download the material from the link below. The image shows what it looks like (click thumbnail for a larger image):



Powder snow - click for larger image

Download Download the material (.zip file, 6K)

other downloads

'dangling corpse' model

Dangling corpse

This is a simple prop to represent a corpse dangling from a tree, scaffold, etc. The archive contains both Poser and Vue versions. If you don't have Poser, just discard the .png and .pp2 files - you only need the .vob file

Download Download the corpse (.zip file, 985K)