archived software

archived software

This page lists the older software available from Microbion. For more information, or to download the software, click on the link for the program you want, which will either let you dowload the software directly or take you to the application's own page. Please note that none of this software is supported by me any longer. You are welcome to use it but you're on your own if you do.


C#: Simple Editor

The source code for the Simple Editor referred to in some of the tutorial files.

Download Download the source files (42K)

C#: KeyState component

The home page for KeyState, a .NET component for checking the status of the CapsLock, NumLock,and ScrollLock keys.

C#: BrowseForFolders class

A complete, documented class to include in .NET programs, which will call the Windows API function SHBrowseForFolder.

Download Download the class files (3K)

visual basic

activex components
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