web design resources

Nowadays anyone can be a web designer. I don't claim to be a good one, just perhaps a competent one. These pages aren't intended to compete with the many, many excellent sites around which will teach you HTML, style sheets, web graphics, and all the rest.

Most web authors, however, will find that they tend to accumulate a variety of pages on their hard drives in which they try out techniques, new effects, and do on. These pages will present a series of articles in which I try to pass on some of the tips I've learnt over the years. Some of these tips you will also find on plenty of other sites; some, I hope, throw a different slant on things or show how to do things you won't see in many other places, perhaps because they're thought to be too simple and obvious. They certainly weren't to me! And if not to you as well... then you might find these pages useful. If you do, please email me and let me know.

I haven't updated these pages for quite some time as I've been concentrating on 3D graphics, but I hope to add more content soon.

web design 'how-to'

Some of these techniques are no longer new, but there may still be points of interest here.

How-to #11: Using Server.MapPath and a DSN-less connection in Dreamweaver (added September 25th 2005)

How-to #10: Open a recordset using ASP (added September 25th 2005)

How-to #9: Connect to a database using Active Server Pages (added September 25th 2005)

How-To #8: Create sub-lists with layers (added December 9th 2001)

How-To #7: Create 'rollup' boxes (added November 6th 2001)

How-To #6: Indent text on a web page (added October 7th 2001)

How-To #5: Create rounded boxes for text and graphics

How-To #4: Use the CSS pseudoselectors

How-To #3: Create and open a secure Microsoft Access database

How-To #2: Choose 'web-safe' colours

How-To #1: Draw a thin vertical line on a page