about this site

I would like this site to be a useful resource for graphics artists and for web developers. There are many sites on the net which do similar things, but I hope that there will be content here which is sufficiently different to interest you.

When the site was first started, I was interested in mainly two things: web design and Windows programming with Microsoft Visual Basic. I then changed from VB to Microsoft's new language C#, but in recent years I have been doing less and less programming and become far more interested in digital design and digital art in general. For this reason, I will not be adding to the software development aspect of this site, but hope to add much more content related to the digital arts.

More recently I have combined my interest in graphics with my earlier liking of coding, and have produced standalone software and plugins for Cinema 4D, using C# and C++ respectively. I hope to do more of this in future.

Please browse the site and download anything of interest. The software which was formerly available on this site is now contained in the archive. It is now entirely unsupported, and further updates or bug fixes will not be available. For this reason you are welcome to download anything you find there and make use of it in anyway you wish.

Finally, please enjoy the site and come back from time to time to check for more content.

Steve Pedler

countries visited

I recently found a nice little site which lets you select the countries in the world you've visited, and link to a map showing them. Here's mine so far:

Countries visited
Visited 38 states (16.9%)
Create your own visited map of The World

Only 16.9%! I'll have to get out more. If I haven't got around to yours yet... maybe one day. Australia, India, and China are next on my list.