Hello, and welcome to the Microbion web site. This site concentrates on graphics - both 2D and 3D - and web design. There is a variety of graphic and digital art-related material in the various graphics sections, and information on various topics to do with web design in the web section.

new on the site

Mirror, Mirror now available as freeware

(August 11th 2014) My former commercial plugin for Cinema 4D - Mirror, Mirror - is now available as a free download. If you are an existing user of the commercial plugin and need a new serial for C4D R16, please download the free version which does not require a serial.

Plugin home page

X-Particles version 2.5 released

(November 25th 2013) The latest version of X-Particles has now been released. This is a huge upgrade from version 2.1 with many improvements and new features.

Please see the product details page on the dedicated X-Particles web site for more details.

You can also see the X-Particles 2.5 demo reel on Vimeo.

Plugin Boss updated

(September 12th 2013) The Cinema 4D plugin manager 'Plugin Boss' has now been updated. This is to add full compatibility with C4D release 15 (no new functionality has been added).

To download the latest version of Plugin Boss, please see the main Plugin Boss page.

sIBL Loader - new version

(June 21st 2013) A new version of the sIBL Loader plugin is now available. This has a number of improvements and enhancements, plus the full source code is included.

See the plugin's home page for details and to download a copy.

new in creating c4d plugins

A new page on the undocumented flags in description resource files has been added. The page can be found here.

DarkTree simbiont for C4D

The DarkTree simbiont for C4D is now available for download. This shader system has not been available for C4D since R8.5, but has been recompiled for C4D releases R10 and up. Visit the plugin home page for more information and download links.

Some examples of what it can do can be seen below:

Versions are supplied for Cinema 4D R10, R11, R11.5 and R12/13/14/15.

For more information, see the plugin home page.

Pitted metal



cinema 4d plugins


ArrowMaker is a free plugin for Cinema 4D versions R10 and higher (it is R15 compatible). It generates a spline primitive in the shape of an arrow, which can be extensively customised.

See the plugin home page for details and to download a copy.

Other plugins

Other free plugins include:

These plugins are also compatible with R14 but not all have yet been tested in R15. Click the above links to go to their home pages and download a copy.


There are number of free models available for download. They are divided into two types - plants and all other models. All are licensed for commercial and non-commercial use.


A number of tutorials and other information on creating Cinema 4D plugins can be found here.

latest free model

The most recent free model is the Swiss Army knife that can be seen in my gallery. The model is supplied untextured. Get it from the models download page (please note:will load in R12 and higher only).

Swiss Army knife

latest image

My latest gallery image can be seen by clicking the small images below, and the complete gallery is located here.

  • Doorway-mb
  • Doorway-closeup-mb
    Doorway - close up of door panel

This model won second place in the February 2011 challenge - 'Model a Doorway' at C4D Cafe.